Below is a brief summary of the type of work I've done in the past. If you'd like a formal resume, please use the contact form here!

Engineering Experience

  • Reverse Engineering - Security analysis of systems, hardware, firmware, and software. Comprehensive vulnerability assessments of interfaces, configurations, and architectural aspects of systems and their designs. Experience with reversing a wide range of embedded systems, from dime-sized single-purpose FPGAs to multi-million dollar heterogeneous systems.
  • Embedded Systems - Design of embedded hardware and software to include hardened bare-metal kernels, integration of Linux and various bootloaders into new architectures. Development of OM&S plans and strategies as well as reliability testing and assessments for systems under various operating conditions.
  • Linux/Windows/Bare Metal Drivers - Service and support for existing drivers including network and filesystem drivers, for PCI/PCI-Express devices. Experience in security analysis of such drivers, including vulnerability analysis and proof-of-concept development. 
  • C/Assembly Programming - To support the driver and embedded systems programming stated above, extensive C programming experience as well as assembly programming generally targeted towards meeting functional requirements within a range of performance parameters. Combining extensive knowledge of various platforms with a desire to write maintainable code has led to skills in striving for readable that is easy to walk through with less experienced staff.
  • Network Programming - Extensive experience implementing proprietary protocols on a variety of physical and logical communication links, including analog links with substantial propagation delays and minuscule bit rates.

Other Professional Experience

  • Gov't Proposal Writing - Substantial writing experience for technical volumes for various agencies for a small variety of different engineering areas for several gov't agencies. Experience across sub-million dollar and multi-billion dollar captures.
  • Mentoring of Engineering Staff - Provide career and technical guidance to promising technical staff, as well as basic support to less technical staff looking to explore options in engineering, math, and the sciences.
  • Front-line Management - Assess employee performance for annual and periodic reviews. Staffing tasks including hiring, termination, compensation discussions, and placement.